1. Gandia


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  2. Feel the experience

    Prepare to feel emotions
    unique and take out the warrior you carry inside.

  3. Partnership

    You will always have a hand to hold on to.
    You will not walk alone. Never.

  4. Sacrifice

    A warrior does not make excuses,
    his condition forces him to overcome
    every obstacle. To the fight!

  5. Suffering

    On the road to success, you must overcome
      moments of difficulty ... Do not falter
    and you will find the reward.

  6. Friendship

    The bonds created by the
    struggle are not diluted.

  7. Empowerment

    You would not imagine where your limits are ...
      You are capable of much more than you think.

  8. Glory

    Every fight has its reward.
    You will touch the sky with the tip
       of your fingers.

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